Environmental Factors Influencing Personality

Personality is not solely determined by genetic characteristics. Heredity provides only the blueprint in terms of chromosomes and genes. However, the ability to operate on that gene is largely dependent on the presence of a suitable environment. For example, a person may have mathematical ability but this ability cannot be refined unless that person is provided … Read more

Dimensions of Personality

Let me ask you a question. How many people have you met since you were a child? Thousands would be a reasonable answer. Another question is how many of these folks have personality traits in common? In terms of personality, a realistic answer is that none of them was comparable or identical. They may have … Read more

Definitions Of Personality

According to Allport (1961) personality is the “dynamic organisation within the individual of those psycho-physical systems that determine his unique adjustment to his environment”. It suggests that a person’s personality “resides” within him or her and that these systems are intertwined into an organisation.Personality is dynamic rather than static, and the organisational pattern affects the … Read more

Eysenck’s Trait Theory

Hans J Eysenck is somewhat difficult to identify or classify as to whether he is a learning theorist or behaviourist. He supports a model of personality characterised by types and traits because he firmly believes that the most fundamental personalitycharacteristics are inherited. His equally strong belief that both heredity and environment determine behaviour supports his … Read more

The Proprium

Allport clarified that personality is not a bundle of unrelated traits but they are traits in a personality that have between them consistency, unity and integration. This implies that personality has a clear organisation and structure and also is governed by certain important principles. This entire organisation was called by Allport the Proprium. Let us … Read more